15 Dewsbury Ter.

Home Page  February 25

February 25, We have been here one month now, over half the boxes are empty
and all the cars are in the garages.  We have had many beautifull sunrises and
a few rainy days, we have been told to expect another good snow before spring.
The front yard still looks like a construction dump, but we keep working to clear
it up, landscaping will come after the threat of frost has passed.                         
Dewsbury Ter.   February 2004           Dewsbury Ter.   February 2005
February 19, 2004, Dewsbury Ter.February 25, 2005, Dewsbury Ter.
It has been a year since we first saw the bulldozer track that would become
Dewsbury Ter.  It is amazing to see how a clearing in the middle of a forest
could have evolved into our new home and in about two years we will have
four more new homes join us here in the woods.  We have seen the people who
own the lot next to us and there have been several people looking at the two lots
that are still available, all four lots are being sold with two year construction
agreements.  So our solitude will not last very long, but for now we are enjoying it.

Front elevation plans                                Current front elevation
Front elevation planFebruary 25, front elevation
The drawing and the house are looking pretty close now.
   Front porch with steps in place             Our neighborhood watch program
February 25, Front porch completeFebruary 25, Neighborhood hawk
Model house sign on our street marker               View down the side driveway
February 25, Model house markerFebruary 25, View down driveway
We have had a number of visitors that think we are the model house, last week
we got a sign to direct people on up the road to the real model house.  However
we have found that the directional arrow is still not big enough and people still
park in the driveway and attempt to come into our house, so we have to keep
the front door locked all the time.  We have been told that additional signs are
on order, of course if people don't look at them it still won't make a difference.

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