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June 22, We have been in the house for five months now, the dirt for the
landscaping has been delivered and the task has started.  We decided to take
over planting as the contractor was too busy and our rosebushes needed to be
moved out of their moving pots.  We have added a number of lillies, callalillies,
a few cannas.  When we joined the Arbor Day society they sent us several tree
seedlings and they are now in pots to grow for the next couple of years.           
Dewsbury Ter.   June 2004                        Dewsbury Ter.   June 2005
June 2004, Dewsbury Ter.June 22, 2005, Dewsbury Ter.
In the year since the street was first paved things have changed a lot here on
Dewsbury Ter.  We are still the only house and no work has started on the other
4 lots.  However there are 6 houses under construction in the area so we will have
some neighbors in a few months.                                                                            

Front elevation plans                                Current front elevation
Front elevation planJune 22 '05, front elevation
The drawing and the house are looking pretty close now.
   Front porch with the lillies growing        This is a new project, a path into the forest
June 22 '05, Front porch flowersJune 22 '05, New project
We had some local visitors               Moved all the rocks to work on flower bed
June 22 '05, turkeysJune 22 '05, View down driveway
Pots with tree seedlings and some roses                      Sunflower bed                 
June 22 '05, New treesJune 22 '05, Sunflowers

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