Ready for fall color!

15 Dewsbury Ter.

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Fall has been slow in coming this year, only a few of the trees have turned to color,
cold weather is expected next week so maybe then we will see the show.
15 Dewsbury Ter.   October 2004              15 Dewsbury Ter.   October 2005
Dewsbury Ter. October 15 2004Dewsbury Ter.  October 18 2005
Last year the roof was just completed, this year we are waiting for fall color.

Elevation plans                                Current front elevation
Front elevation planFront elevation, October 19 2005

View of and from front porch
Porch, October 18 2005Canas, October 18 2005

West side of house                               East side of house
West Side, October 18 2005East Side, October 18 2005

Deck from the start of the path                       Balcony from back yard
Deck, October 18 2005Balcony, October 18 2005

Path out the rear of our property             Crape myrtle along the driveway
Path, October 18 2005Crapemyrtle, October 18 2005

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