House Framing Progress

15 Dewsbury Ter.

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    Starting August 2nd the framing crew started to build the frame of the house.  This page will follow
this project.  We will watch both the front and rear being built up to match the drawing elevations.

Front elevation of the house.                                  Rear elevation of the house.  
Front to Back LeftRear Elevation Design

Starting point July 28th
July 28Rear Elecation July 21
Basement floor is ready for the walls                      East Side of house              
Basement July 28East Elevation July 21

August 4, one week into the framing, the floor trusses are in place and the chimney
base is built.  Click on framing Week 1 to see daily details.
  August 4Rear Elevation August 4
                      West side                             Support for bay window built as well
West Elevation Auguat 4East Elevation August 4

August 13, the main level was enclosed today and the Tyvek moisture barrier
put into place.  Click on framing Week 2 for daily details.
August 13Rear Elevation August 13

West elevation August 13East elevation August 13

August 16, today we have most of the roof trusses tacked into place.  So another day
to finish the trusses, than the roof boards and tar paper to be added and we should be
covered by the end of the week.  Click on framing Week 3 for daily details.
August 16Rear Elevation August 9
West side                                                   East side
Basement August 9East side August 9
August 23,  sub-roof in and tar paper in place.
  Click on framing Week 4 to see daily details.
August 23Rear elevation, August 23
West Side                                           East Side
West elevation, August 23East elevation, August 23
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