Lot 2 Dewsbury Ter
Dewsbury Ter.  August 
October 18, 2005  Framing has started and the roof struts have arrived.
Lot2A, October 18 2005Lot2B, October 18 2005

Framing from the front corner of the garage
Front of Garage, October 18 2005Side of Garage, October 18 2005

Framing from the rear of the lot
Rear, October 18 2005Rear, October 18 2005

October 28, here comes the roof!
           Crane arrives and gets ready                               First piece of roof moving into position
Crane Arrives and sets upFirst piece moving into place
Progress about halfway throuh the day
Midway pointFitting into place
Day is done and most of the house roof struts are in place
End of dayFront of house

The deck has been installed
Deck support and floorRear of house
View to the Southeast                                              View to the Southwest

View from Deck to SoutheastDeckview to Southwest

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